Nghe An General Friendship Hospital continued to successfully perform 2 kidney transplants

Nghe An General Friendship Hospital has just continued to successfully perform 02 kidney transplants from kidney donors who are family members. Bringing the total number of patients receiving kidney transplants at the hospital to 13. This is a great step forward, affirming the position of the hospital in the North Central region.

The first case is a BVQ patient (19 years old, residing in Yen Thanh district, Nghe An ) who accidentally discovered end-stage kidney disease after a health checkup to go to work abroad. During treatment at Huu Nghi General Hospital (HNDK) Nghe An, District, he was treated by Doctor Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh – Head of the Department of Urology and Nephrology and Dr. Nguyen Thi Tra Giang – Department of Urology and Nephrology. blood advises patients about the hospital’s successful implementation of many kidney transplants.

After consultation, the patient and his family agreed to let the doctors perform a kidney transplant and the kidney donor was Mr. Q’s biological father. Patient Q.’s father said that after understanding the situation and being advised by the doctors My family and I felt very secure when having a kidney transplant at HNDK Nghe An Hospital .

The second patient is NVD (38 years old, residing in Quy Hop district, Nghe An). Previously, in 2022, Mr. D was hospitalized in the emergency room because of a stroke and was also accidentally discovered to have end-stage kidney failure. After discovery, Mr. D went to the hospital for treatment and also received counseling. After performing the necessary tests, doctors determined that Mr. D’s mother’s kidney was suitable for a transplant to him.

The special thing about these two patients is that thanks to the timely and convenient detection of the disease when Nghe An General Hospital has an organ transplant consulting and coordination unit, a network of consultants in the departments, the patients appropriate treatment methods were promptly selected.

In order for the surgery to be successful and for the patient to recover good health, the hospital requires careful preparation, mobilizing a lot of human resources, equipment, and medicine. Deploying the kidney transplant were MSc Le Huy Ngoc and Doctor Ho Van Hoang – Deputy Head of the Department of Urology, Doctor II Pham Van Chung – Deputy Director of the Cardiovascular Center, Nghe An General Hospital with support from hospital experts . Viet Duc Friendship and a team of more than 100 medical staff and doctors participated in surgery, treatment and patient care.

After two days of surgery, both patients were able to sit up on their own, eat well and their health improved a lot. During the treatment process, both patients were always monitored by medical staff 24/7. All tasks from care, monitoring surgical wounds, drainage fluids, nutrition, exercise, rest, and health recovery progress are all focused on by doctors.

Previously, on September 6, 2023, after Nghe An Hospital received a voluntary application to register for tissue and organ donation after the donor died/brain death of a relative of a case in the Town. Hoang Mai (Nghe An). Immediately, the Hospital contacted the National Organ Transplant Coordination Center and organ transplant centers nationwide.

On the morning of September 7, a delegation of officials from the National Organ Transplant Coordination Center, Hue Central Hospital , and Viet Duc University Hospital returned to Nghe An to work, ready for the work of receiving organs from donors and transplanting them. organs for the recipient.

At exactly 3:30 p.m. on September 7, doctors from Nghe An General Hospital, Hue Central Hospital, and Viet Duc University Hospital performed multiple organ removal including liver, kidney, cornea, heart valve… from brain-dead donors, and at the same time performed kidney transplants for 02 patients with end-stage kidney failure in Hue and Binh Dinh. The remaining organs were transferred to Hanoi and Hue for transplantation to other patients.

The two patients receiving kidney transplants this time in Thua Thien Hue and Binh Dinh are both in difficult circumstances, making a living with precarious jobs and carrying with them the “death sentence” of end-stage kidney failure. However, they were revived after the relatives of the previously brain-dead patient agreed to donate their child’s organs to save the lives of other patients.

With a life like a “lamp hanging in the wind”, those who received donated organs after transplantation were moved to thank the 18-year-old young man – the one who gave birth to them for the second time and gave them a new life. new…

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Huong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of Nghe An General Hospital shared that to perform two organ transplants from brain-dead donors, Nghe An General Hospital mobilized 6 medical teams to participate. with a total workforce of nearly 200 people. Along with that, the support of human resources and medical supplies from Hue Central Hospital and the coordination of the National Organ Transplant Coordination Center and Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, Nghe An General Hospital has carried out the implementation. Successfully performed kidney transplants for 2 patients with end-stage kidney failure.

After more than 10 days of kidney transplant and special care at HNDK Nghe An Hospital, the health of 2 patients has recovered, the patient has no signs of suspected transplant rejection and the patient’s current condition is stable. The patient was discharged home for follow-up and follow-up appointments.

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